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Pattern Corrections - summer 2008
» PATTERN 6, Diamond Lace Top
Shown on page 15, instructions on page 39, second column
Diamond lace pat Last sentence: Rep rows 1through 24 for pat.
» PATTERN 9, Sleeveless Shell
Shown on page 18, instructions on page 43, third column
neck edging for 8 rows as foll: Work in St st to center 57 (61, 61, 61) sts,....
» PATTERN 17, Brioche Rib Top
Shown on page 26, instructions on page 49

Missing chart: Click here to download this chart.
Symbol key: See page 33 of the Summer 2008 issue
» PATTERN 19, Sleeveless Cable Vest
Shown on page 28, instructions on page 51, first column, under Notes
= Garter st (The letter A took the place of this symbol in error.)
» PATTERN 20, Chevron Tunic
Shown on page 29; instructions on page 51, third column under NOTES
= Garter st (The letter A took the place of this symbol in error.)
» PATTERN 25, Raglan/Lace Sweater
Shown on page 83; instructions on page 55, second column

Under Notes: Lace pat A Work according to chart A, above. The letter “a” on left side of chart indicates first WS row. Numbers on right side of chart indicate RS rows. On WS rows (with the exception of Row “a”), work sts as they appear, purl yo’s, and work symbol on chart in garter st (knit every row. Beg chart pat with 7 sts.....

Cast on 126 (139, 152, 165) sts. Work in lace pat A for 38 rows. Shape A-line Work rows 39-86 of lace pat A, working decs as indicated on chart on Rows 39 and 85—90 (99, 108, 117) sts. Work even (rep Rows 87-90 of lace pat A) until piece measures 17¾”/45cm, end with a WS row. Shape raglan Sl 1 (selvage st), k2, SKP, knit to last 5 sts and dec 5 sts evenly across, then over last 5 sts work k2tog, k2, k1 (selvage st)—83 (92, 101, 110) sts. Knit 1 row. Work 4 rows in garter st (knit every row) and, AT SAME TIME, dec 1 st at each end of needle on first garter st row, then next RS row 1 time, as foll: Sl 1 (selvage st), k2, SKP, work to last 5 sts, k2tog, k2, k1 (selvage st)—79 (88, 97, 106) sts. Now, work in lace pat B and, AT SAME TIME, cont to shape raglan as established, dec 1 st at each end of needle on first row, * then every foll 4th row 1 time, then every foll RS row 1 time; rep from * 7 (8, 9, 10) more times—44 (50, 54, 60) sts. When raglan measures 6 (6¾, 7¼, 8)”/15 (17, 18.5, 20.5)cm, bind off first and last sts—42 (48, 52, 58) sts. Sl sts to st holder.
» PATTERN 43, Bas Relief Sweater
Shown on page 101; instructions on page 69, third column

Please delete:
“Side seam edging With RS facing, pick up 28 sts evenly spaced along left side edge beg at top of extension flap and end at start of armhole shaping.”

Please replace with:
Side Edging of Extension With RS facing, pick up 58 sts evenly spaced along side edge of extension flap.

Work as for front, reversing all shaping.
» PATTERN 47, Girl’s Vest
Shown on page 105; instructions on page 72, last line of second column to third column
...7)”/15 (16.5, 18)cm. Bind off all sts. Mark center 18 (18, 20) sts and 9 (10, 11) sts on each side for shoulders.

Measurements at right edge of chart should read, from top to bottom:
» PATTERN 50, Girl’s Shrug
Shown on page 107; instructions on page 75, first column

Cast on 8 sts. Work in St st. Note Row 1 is a RS row. Inc 1 st at right edge on row 3 (5, 9), then every 4th row 3 times, AT SAME TIME, at left edge, inc 1 st on row 3, then every other row 5 (5, 7) times, then inc 1 st in each of last 2 sts on every other row 2 (3, 3) times—22 (24, 26) sts. On next RS row, bind off 5 sts for armhole at right edge—17 (19, 21) sts; at left edge, cast on 34 sts for tie. Work 4 rows. At beg of next WS row, bind off 34 sts—17 (19, 21) sts. On next RS row, work to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. Rep this dec every 6th (4th, 4th) row 3 (5, 7) times for neck shaping. When piece measures same as back, bind off rem 13 sts.

Work as for left front rev shaping. Shape neck at beg of RS row working dec as foll: K1, sl1, k1, psso.